Apparently, The Redneck Is Also a “Socialite Novelist” - Who Knew?

Today I found out I was a “socialite novelist.” Novelist, yes (The Redneck penned “Mercury in Retrograde" a few years back) - But Socialite? HAHAHA! I mean, I shot it, ate it and am still wearing it!

But there’s nothing more official than being branded by an art critic (whom Redneck suspects wears all black, reads the New Yorker and smells vaguely of cheesy prunes).

According to’s illustrious critic Charlie Finch, writing about the most amazing painter ever, Les Rogers (read: my ex-boyfriend):

Les’ often brilliant career: lost in the shuffle of Koenig’s boy-band ethos, rebounding by selling some paintings to Elton John and dating socialite novelist Paula Froelich…

Aunt Dee is “tickled pink” and Daddy thinks the guy must be drunk. Let’s hope he is - it’s more fun that way.

LES is more (

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